A Purchase Worth the Investment

Whenever I spend money, I try to look at it as if I am going to make an investment. Everything I buy must be some sort of investment of monetary value – it is important that I can either make money by using it or that I can re-sell it for a return; breaking even or a profit. A condo, I feel, is going to be the perfect investment for the future as I save up for a home! I found the sarasota condos to be beautiful, perfect for what I was after. Instead of spending money monthly on an apartment I can buy a condo while I save up for a new home then turn around and sell the condo for an increased profit. With an apartment I have no chance of getting a return from the money that I spent – while that is okay in some instances it does not fit into my five year plan.

I find that planning out my finances for five years to be a good way to gauge how well I do. It offers me a sense of purpose that I can direct myself toward, giving me some sort of definition to reach for. Goals are necessary in everything I do; I cannot imagine trying to blindly save money without a reason! There has to be some sort of achievable goal at the end of the road or else it was all for naught and I feel empty of purpose. I have tried to save money for the sake of ‘collecting’ it as it were but it was not enjoyable at all. Sure I had all this money sitting in my bank but to what purpose, what reason? It did nothing for me beyond making me feel a bit more stable than I was before.