Enjoying the Ocean in Revere Massachusetts

Don’t get me wrong, I had loved living right in the city of Boston. I could walk everywhere or grab a bus when I needed to, but I was ready for a little quieter lifestyle. Looking for apartments for rent in Revere MA was the start for me and even if only a five-minute from downtown Boston, it was vastly different to this city dweller.

Revere was big enough to have tons of great shops and social opportunities in a bit more relaxed atmosphere than the city. The commute to my job would be a bit longer, but I would also be driving my own car and not reliant and dependent on public transportation to get where I wanted to go when I wanted to go.

In all of my years living downtown in Boston, I never had much of a view of anything other than buildings from my old apartment. It was a great place, but living so near to the ocean and not enjoying even a glimpse or two of it on a daily basis had me looking for a place with a great ocean view in Revere. And once out of the city, I found that not only would my view improve, my monthly rent would get me a much larger space with a lot of luxury perks too.

I have now lived in Revere for a little more than a year and I absolutely love it. I rescued a little dog from a local shelter within a month of living here and he gives me a great excuse to get out and walk and meet new people. I am still in Boston daily for my job and I love being that close to the big city, but Revere offers me that small town feel as I discover more great little shops, boutiques and restaurants living here.