In conceiving Der goldne Topf; The Golden Pot as a tale, Hoffmann follows the E.T.A. Hoffmann, The Golden Pot and Other Tales (Oxford: Oxford University. “The Golden Flower Pot” is one of Hoffmann’s longer, and more critically Labels: E. T. A. Hoffmann, Romanticism, Tales of Hoffmann. The Golden Pot and Other Tales. E. T. A. Hoffmann Edited and translated by Ritchie Robertson. September ISBN: pages. Paperback.

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Dec 07, Mi rated it it was amazing. On the other hand, this might be too much work for too little reward. Want to Read saving…. Her only bad quality is that she seems to be interested in him because she thinks he may one day be important though Hoffmann leaves it up to us to decide if this is all she’s interested in.

Sadly, I think Dunsany in particular has had his reputation suffer from this association with the modern fantasy genre and by suffer, I mean dwindle into nothingness. Italo Calvino edited a collection of short stories “Fantastic tales”, in which he attempted to create an outline of the origins of fantastic literature, divided into two camps: And in the Narnia books, of course, there’s the likely allegorical assertion that keeps popping up that entrances to Narnia could be anywhere even in the really real world!

This is merely a theory, though. Might be worth a try, though. I think that English fantasy gets traced back to Dunsany and Morris, rather than the earlier writers, simply because they wrote fantastic stories set in imaginary worlds, rather than fantastic stories set in a version of this one.


What was going on in the early part of the 19th century in Europe? Hoffmann could write beautifully — “The Golden Pot” a case in point.

Each main e.t.a.offmann has a fantastic and an ordinary identity: Thanks for telling us about the problem. Who knows, maybe they wrote similar stuff?

But then his love for Serpentina conquers all, he breaks out of the crystal, marries Serpentina, and moves to Atlantis. Veronica, meanwhile, marries her father’s friend, who actually becomes a Hofrath, and everyone’s happy.

I only read “The Sandman” for class but it was pretty good. Reclam,pp. He is also the author of the novella The Nutcracker and the Mouse King, on which the famous ballet The Nutcracker is based.

Der goldne Topf; The Golden Pot – German Literature

Tasha rated it really liked it Oct 11, Some tales I might put at 2 stars, and Master Flea would easily be 4 stars, so I’ll settle on an e.t.a.hoffjann 3 stars. Hoffmann was a Romantic author of fantasy and horror, a jurist, composer, music critic, draftsman and caricaturist. But here’s what causes a modern reader, at least, so many problems. Jul 02, Mark Stephenson rated it really liked it.

This page was last edited e.t.a.hooffmann 19 Septemberat Thus the search for a synthesis between the ideal and the real, between art and life has not been concluded at the end of Der goldne Topf. Tge his stay in Dresden, where he was working as a music director, he witnessed the death, hunger, and disease that were the result of the bloody battles fought between the gollden of Napoleon and those of the Allies Prussia, Austria, and Russia.

It’s true that he’s not a fantastic craftsman, but his invention is just otherworldly. A bit perplexed, he moves on, until he’s drawn to an elder-tree, where he sees three snakes. No trivia or quizzes yet. Deutscher Klassiker Verlag,pp. I’d just finished the ‘Weird Tales Vol 1’ collection and was hungry for more so I plumped for this collection. As a side note, everything Hoffmann wrote predates the earliest fantasy authors or the ones commonly cited, at least: I’ve read about twelve stories by Hoffmann, and they’re all strange, and all that, but each story just e.t.ahoffmann possesses a rather curious personal element.


The Golden Pot and Other Tales

Anyway, she’s interested in Anselmus: They are complicated to follow, the plots are romance-oriented, and although fun things happens like a microscope duel during the tiring pages, most of them are filled with sighs for the loving and strikingly pretty most of the times magic dame. I e.t.a.hoffmanh like E.t.a.hlffmann should give you some sort of reward for reading this far What makes them stand out is the fact they were written in andrespectively.

The more this happens, the more it seems like what he’s after is simply a different reality: This story changed my life.

As would your writing competition suggestion.

Dust & Corruption: Tales of Hoffmann: The Golden Flower Pot

His work consists of making exact copies of Arabic and Coptic texts that he cannot decipher. This makes Anselmus make a mistake in his copying, and the Archivarius imprisons him in a crystal.

The last story, My Cousin’s Window, doesn’t seem to belong. In The Golden Potart and love bolden from lives empty of color, beauty, and enthusiasm.