I Am Still Job Hunting

I have been out of college for a couple of months and I have started to really sweat the fact which I have not yet found a good job. Of course I have been delivering pizza, but that is hardly what I am looking for and it is wearing out my old car. I have been talking to a guy I knew from the church my family attends. He works for an insurance agency, they seem to mostly sell insurance business plans. Of course you may not know this, but when the banks loan you money to start a business they insist upon you have insurance. They are not really worried about the wife and kids that you might leave behind, but instead they are not going to have you drop dead and leave them on the hook for the money that you owe them. They intend to get paid back, but of course you have to pay for the insurance even when it benefits them instead of you.

I never really thought too much about working in insurance, but it seems like I have the qualifications to listen to this guy. I asked him about that, like what sort of college courses you should take if you want to sell insurance. Apparently they want you to go to college, but they do not seem to care about what you do while you are there. I am going to think about that very closely. It is a good job obviously, but that really depends a lot about how good you are at it. Like most sales jobs you get paid a lot better when you are good at selling stuff. The truth is that if you are bad at selling the stuff, then they are not going to let you hang around.