I Needed More Credit for Social Security

When I found out that I needed a few more tax credits for my social security to kick in when I was able to retire, I talked with my sister. She has a small business, and she often hires a few contractors when she gets overwhelmed with orders. I knew that it wouldn’t help me to be a contractor, so I talked with her about being an hourly worker just until I received the credits I needed for my social security. I had found a fake paystub generator too, which I showed her.

I knew that she would do anything to help me, so I wanted to make it easier on her too. I did not want her having to figure out taxes or anything like that, especially with her never having to do that before. With her contractors, they always pay their own taxes, so all she had to do was write them a check for the amount that they were owed. I didn’t want to cause her any stress, which is why I found the paycheck generator that does all of the work for her. Well, it does most, because she still has to enter the information in it.

That info is easy though, because it just includes my name, address, phone number, social security number and how many dependents I have. It also includes her name, business name, address, phone number and EIN number. That takes maybe two minutes to put all of that in, then it calculates the taxes for her. She is able to have that sent as a PDF file to her email, and she prints the check from it. It takes a total of perhaps three minutes of her time, and it helps me to get to where I need to be with my social security.