Moving Closer to Work Was a Great Move

My sister and I had been living together for nearly two years when she got engaged to her boyfriend. The two of them had a very short engagement, but we all still had plenty of time to decide what to do about living arrangements. There was no way that I was going to live with the two of them, and I did not want to keep a two bedroom unit by myself. I told them they could either keep it, or we could all find our own place. I did a search for Forestville MD apartments, hoping to find something that would get me a little closer to work.

When I lived with my sister, it took me 40 minutes on a good day to get to work and then another 40 minutes to get home again. It did not bother me at first, but it did get old rather quickly. I wanted to find an apartment that would get me a little closer to work, and I found just that when I looked at the Parkland Village apartment complex. In addition to being closer to work by nearly 30 minutes, I also had my choice of four different one bedroom units.

I loved looking at all the different layouts, and the one that i liked best is the Bradford floor plan. There is so much storage here, and there is also a washer and dryer in a corner of the kitchen. The living room is nearly twice as big as what my former one was. This apartment had everything going for it, and I thanked my lucky stars when I was told that my application was accepted. My sister liked it so much that she decided that they were going to move into one of the two bedroom units here after they got married.