New Ways to Wear Our Hair

Hair replacement is a huge industry and is it any surprise that we invest so heavily into it? We’re a vain people – not that there is anything wrong with that, and we put a lot of stock in our hair. For men, hair can represent virility and youth. For women it can be a sign of youth and vibrancy. So when my friend asked me to buy her curly clip in human hair extensions I didn’t bat an eye; anyone can ask for anything for their Christmas present so who am I to judge a woman that wants to make her hair look longer?

Women are able to do a lot more with their hair than men are, I feel. They can accessorize their hair in a way that men usually and generally do not concern themselves about. With men growing their hair longer these days I feel like we’re missing out on a market that could transform the way men perceive their hair. Personally, I think it’s a lot of fun being able to accessorize my clothing as it is. Why can’t I do the same with my hair? Extensions and the like are just not made for us which makes it difficult to find something that’s subtle while retaining masculinity.

I think it’s only recently that men have been more open about their hair. For a long time hair has been in the purview of women alone and so we have encouraged shorter hair cuts. Now that we’re growing our hair out longer we’re seeing men who are more open to changing the color of their hair and wearing it in new styles. Although you won’t find me rocking out with a ‘man bun’, I do love wearing my hair longer and coloring it in fanciful shades.