Pikachu and Pocky Make for the Perfect Phone Case for Me

I’ll admit it, I’m a female well into my adult years, with a particular love for all things Pokemon and a particular love for Pocky, the delightful chocolate-covered cookies I sampled on a trip to Japan many years ago. I knew my best friend truly knew me when she gave me a pink pocky phone case that featured an adorable Pikachu munching on my favorite Pocky treat! Pink is my favorite color and anything featuring a Pikachu is irresistible to me.

I spend much of my adult life wearing a business suit and carrying a very serious looking briefcase. I work in the insurance industry and am expected to present a very conservative and professional appearance every day. I visit clients who work in the same type of offices as I do, without a lot of color and without humor. The little bit of fun I can add to my life and wardrobe comes with being able to express the more light-hearted part of myself with my phone cases. I have them in virtually every color imaginable, with various characters, designs and embellishments. Phone cases have become as much of a fashion accessory to me as handbags and jewelry are to others and I enjoy changing them out to match my outfits and moods.

Every time I visit my sister and her family in Chicago, my nieces and nephews always want to see my phone case and I love the interaction and connection they can provide to the young people in my life. Because I am provided with upgraded phones fairly often, I have passed on my old phones to my nieces and nephews for pretend play and they now have more interest in the cases than the phones. They surprised me with a gift as well with a large box of Pocky to keep in my briefcase.