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At ALCAD, we capture, process and bring life signals to the digital world to improve the health, safety and entertainment of people, by designing, manufacturing. MODEL. RETURN FILTER. TV FILTER. CF 5 – 30 MHz. 47 – MHz. IF FILTER. – MHz. CF 5 – 65 MHz. 86 – MHz. The CF broadband head-end amplifier has multiple inputs and different band Output Level (IMD3 dB). dBμV. Output Level (IMD2 dB). dBμV.

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The distribution is made on the 5 to 2, MHz band, in a star-shaped form. Acad audio input can be mono, alcar or dual by selecting the audio mode of the modulator by means of the programmer. These long distances of cable unbalance the signal, attenuating more the channels of higher frequencies.

The antenna is an offset type with high gain and efficiency. Modulator with mono audio in VSB vestigial side band, designed to work with adjacent channels. Easy assembly and alad adaptable to any particular situation due to its input diplexing and output 4 multiplexing system. This installation can be carried out with modulator equipment, digital or analogue satellite receivers, or digital terrestrial TV receivers.

The output of each modulator is directly connected to the monochannel amplifier. They complement the head-end broadband amplifiers, and allow the amplifier to deliver maximum output power and to avoid intermodulations. Totally configurable as regards the number of inputs and the number of channels in each input.

It includes two outputs to make the distribution to 4 or more televisions. Characteristics Protection diodes in all the outputs.

In addition, it can be used as a separator of the terrestrial TV and IF satellite signals coming from a single cable. Available filters on page Remember me Forgot password? Suitable also for installations in which it is necessary to convert the frequency of 7 alvad digital channels.


The equipment is recommended for installations where it is necessary to have more professional equipment than the usual compact equipment. IEC male and female connectors. We share information about your activities on the site with our partners and Google partners: It has a high selectivity which permits ecualize each channel independently.

Alcad Catalogue – TOPMODE –

Gain and noise 11 3 unequal carriers, IMD3 at 54 dB 3 unequal carriers, EN 2 unequal carriers, EN figure after applying gain reduction by diplexing. It can be used as a multiplexer of two inputs. Fast and easy mounting, no tools are required for their assembly. The response of the outputs is flat. Applications Band rejection filters are used to eliminate a frequency band which produces interference in the TV installation. Used as a head-end amplifier for bouquets alcaf have all their transponders in a single polarity.

The tap outlets are amplified on the IF satellite band. Characteristics Switched power sources protected against power surges and short circuits.

Specifications subject to modifications without prior notice.

The edges of the chimney should be protected against the erosion caused by the wire rope which should then be tensed by means of the turnbuckles. Output test-point to adjust the installation without having to disconnect the TV signal. An essential feature of this equipment is its generous operating temperature margin which gives it great reliability.

The audio and video signals are obtained from the scart connector of the video. The installer can adjust the rejected channel by means of a frequency control. Easy assembly and easily adaptable to any particular situation due to its input diplexing and alcda multiplexing system. Enables distribution to up to TV outlets in a single line, with a single amplifier and FU power supply unit.


Alcad Catalogue – TOPMODE

Each outlet of the installation receives the terrestrial TV and any of the satellite polarities, which are selected from the individual satellite receiver. The outputs of the modulator equipment are combined before being amplified with a broadband amplifier. Shielded zamak chassis and metal plate. The wide range of equipment contemplates all the different possibilities of treating 6 satellite signals.


Characteristics An essential feature of the equipment is its low power consumption, which makes it highly reliable. The outlet base facilitates the connection of the TV to alfad distribution and loads the distribution when the TV is not connected. The frequency or output channel is programmable and any TV channel may be selected, including the interbands.

The HT tool must be used to connect the pairs.

alcad cf 512

Channel rejection filters are used to eliminate a channel which produces interference, normally because its level is excessive. Large size reflector, elevation angle adjustment, mounting in either horizontal or vertical polarity.

Applications All MATV installations where receivers are incorporated and monochannel amplifiers are not used. Available with a diplexing input and with two aocad for transponders of different polarities.

It can be updated to program new equipment. Separate housings for the power supply unit and the high frequency circuit. In these installations it is necessary to install individual receivers with each television.

5-input House / Building Amplifier (CF – ALCAD series)

It has a gain control and two outputs for the distribution to two or more televisions. They cover frequencies up to 2, MHz. They have a DC path from one of their outputs to the input and from the through output in the intermediate outlets to the input. The Alcwd and AM amplifiers are available in other power voltages and in kit format see page 53 and following pages.

Applications Used as an alternative to wall brackets in installations which do not require very long masts. The outlet facilitates the connection of the TV to the distribution and loads the distribution when the TV is not connected.