PHOTOGRAPHS AND FINGERPRINTS AS PER SECTION 32A OF. REGISTRATION ACT, (C&IGR&S Circular Memo No G1//99, dated ). Issue #5 new · Gary Teena repo owner created an issue Foo. Form 32a Land Registration Doc For Governament Of Andhra Pradesh. PHOTOGRAPH AND FINGERRINTS AS PER SECTION 32A I/We send herewith my/our photograph (s) and the finger prints in the form prescribed, through my.

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Provided that nothing in this sub-section shall be deemed to invalidate any decree or order touching lland such document which may have been passed by any Court of law and become final before the enactment of this section. Added by Act 13 ofsec. Any of the following are considered valid address proofs:.

Provided that the State Government may by similar notification direct that the provisions of this Act shall apply to such notices relating to immovable properties situate wholly or partly in such other area as may be specified in the said notification. Very few real estate companies provide the specialized services for NRIs that Mahindra Lifespaces do.

II shall contain such particulars mentioned in section 21 relating to every such document and memorandum as the Inspector-General from time to time directs in that behalf. In section 46, in sub-section 2 ,—.

Same as in Bihar iii.

Your are not logged in. Effect of non-registration of documents required to be registered. Many NRIs have had unpleasant experiences in the past while dealing with real estate agents. In section 55,— a for sub-section 1the following was substituted, namely: Since you are the buyer, you may simply affix your thumb impression and signature in form 32 A along with photo and authorise your father to represent you to get the property registered in your name.


A recent policy is that if it for registering a property, then a life certificate from regostration doctor is required; It is valid for 30 days. Power of Inspector-General to superintend registration offices and make rules. The time now is Forms Scorecard Today’s Birthdays.

Form-32a experiences

Recovery of dificient registration fees as arrears of land revenue. All such appeals shall be preferred within such time, and shall be heard and disposed of in such manner, as may be prescribed. Any of the following are considered valid address proofs: If mandatory, will the power of attorney attached to the property papers? In section 58,— i in sub-section 1after item athe following item shall be inserted, namely: Power of Inspector-General to remit fines.

The Explanation is now omitted by Uttar Pradesh Act 19 ofsec.

State Amendment Maharashtra and Gujarat: In section 6, the following provisos shall be inserted at the end: But the apartments are near ready to be certified as completed so there is a very short time gap between which we can complete this to save some money. Provided further that the State Government may delegate to the Inspector- General of Registration, the power of appointing Sub-Registrars. Avoid posting content which you do not wish to disclose in public.

In section 51,— i for sub-section 2substitute the following: Jobs Coaching Events Bare Acts. Registering officer not liable for thing bona fide done or refused in his official capacity. Power to administer oaths and record of substance of statements.

Persons exempt from appearance at registration-office. Recovery of deficit amount or registration fee as arrear of land revenue and provision for refund.


Amendments to section 52 are the same as in Kerala. Inquiry by Sub-Registrar regarding suspected touts. After section 91, insert as under: Provided that no such certificate shall be granted without giving such person,— i an opportunity of being heard; and.

Mahakoshal —In its application to Mahakoshal region of the State of Madhya Pradesh, after section 82, the following section shall be inserted, namely: Free for one month and pay only if you like it. Exemption of certain documents executed by or in favour of Government. Amendments are same as in West Bengal. Provided that prints of plants or maps contained in documents may either be bound with the prints of such documents or filed separately in such manner as the Inspector-General may direct.

For sub-section 1 of section 61 substitute the following: Appeal to Registrar from orders of Sub-Registrar refusing registration on ground other than denial of execution. Welcome to Indian Real Estate Board.

Act 31 ofsec.

Such certificate shall be final and shall not be called in question in any court or before any authority: After section 89, insert the following section: But if the parties choose to registrxtion the contract to writing, this implication of law is excluded by their express bargain and the document will be the sole evidence of its terms. Section 30 2 be deleted. Section 32B Uttar Pradesh: