“J. S. Bach and the flute sonatas: An overview of the Authenticity and Chronology, and analysis of the E minor Sonata, BWV ” can be found here. Bach, J.S.: Flute Sonata, Bwv / Bach, C.P.E.: Flute Sonata, Wq. , H. / Mozart, W.A.: Flute Quartet No. 1. By Barthold Kuijken. • 26 songs.

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Sonatas for flute and continuo. The Complete Sonatas for Flute. Best of Bach [Warner]. The Art of the Recorder. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. The Complete Flute Sonatas. Sonata for flute No1; Sonata for flute No2.

Flute Sonata in E minor, BWV – Wikipedia

Furthermore, there exists an early copy of the sonata sonta any indication of a dedication. Another dissertation deals with this sonata: Complete Sonatas for Flute. Share on facebook twitter tumblr. Duets for Flute and Cello. In any event, BWVlike BWVis in the four-movement, slow-fast-slow-fast sonata di chiesa, or “church sonata,” format. AllMusic Featured Composition Noteworthy. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip.

Partita and Sonatas for Flute.

It’s a flashy finale for an extroverted — and highly skilled — soloist. An interesting analysis of the sonata can be found herein the Masters thesis by Lidayne Reyes Complete Flute Sonatas, Vol. Samuel Baron plays the flute sonatas of J. Brandenburgische Konzerte; Orchestersuiten; Kammermusik. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. The flute indulges in rapid passagework as Bach provides a short series of variations on this material.


Johann Sebastian Bach Premium Edition. The B section delivers a variation on the theme, and the final section essentially repeats the movement’s opening measures.

Unlocking the affections in J. Chamber Music for the Flute. A concertante effect is created by the manner in which the tonic full-close at the end of the first period b.

Sonata for flute & continuo in E minor, BWV 1034

The closest parallel is found in solo violin sonatas Nos. Bach and the flute sonatas: The Artistry of Barthold Kuijken. Jazz Latin New Age.

Flute Sonatas BWV Michala Petri — recorder, Keith Jarrett — electric harpsichord. David Russell plays Baroque Music. The flhte Andante begins with an extended introduction by the continuo instruments usually harpsichord and gamba or cello. The four movements alternate fast and slow tempos, departing from the tonic minor key to a melodious relative major in the third.

Flute and continuo here form duo partners in 11034 ritornello-like fugal expositions, but the episodes are brilliant accompanied flute solos. Streams Videos All Posts.


In the Andante we encounter a clear division of responsibilities. Complete Works for Flute. Une vie pour la Musique.

Orchestral Works; Chamber Works. The first movement, Adagio ma non tanto, is usually performed at a fairly deliberate pace despite Bach ‘s ma non tanto admonition. Introspection Late Night Partying. Compositions for Transverse Flute.

Deutsche Musik des Once the flute enters with its spacious theme, the bass line repeats fairly steadily, as if for a chaconne or passacaglia, with the flute singing freely above. Next comes an Allegro, based on a burbling flute melody over a descending bass figure; the bass line soon levels sonaa, but it has already started to pull the melody in a downward slide. The Authentic Flute Sonatas.