Joplin, Scott Bethena – A Concert Waltz sheet music for Piano – The other was Scott Joplin – the 19th Century composer probably I first heard his music, when she used to play his beautiful waltz, Bethena. I am simply not that well-versed in musical notation to understand the nuances intended by a master such as Scott Joplin. Still, I felt a need to at least do this one .

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Scott Joplin is its composer, a genius who like many others was not fully appreciated in his time back in the late ‘s and early ‘s.

Bethena – A Concert Waltz

I love both waltzes and ragtime so much, this song is a dream come true, in a sense. Add Videos on this page Add a video related to this sheet music. It is my favorite Scott Joplin piece. There are variants of the theme in the “haunting” B minor key of the D strain and in the E strain’s D major key which “brightens the mood”. At the time the composer had significant financial problems; the work did not sell successfully at the time of publication and was soon neglected and forgotten.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I wasn’t even aware there was a line palette at the bottom of the program screen. The “sadly poignant”, [7] “graceful, wistful” and tenderly nostalgic [19] mood is partly dictated by this main theme, which starts with the melody note A harmonised against a G major chord thus creating a dissonance.

Public Not listed Private. Sing-cerely, -Don in Davie Ft.

Then I go ahead and develop my men’s voices arrangements off of those. Are they fairly true to the piece?

There are many subtle variations of this sequence which occur throughout the work. A Guest of Honor ” Bethena ” Treemonisha Thank you, in return for doing that as I know it can be very time-consuming! I tried to match the piece as it is written, but some of the features for using voices did not quite achieve my intent. The sections are linked by “transitional passages” [18] which enable the work to change key between the strains by means of a chromatic interlude or modulation.


It, to me, is one of his best pieces and it is beautiful, soulful, and melancholy.

It is Joplin’s first published work after the death of his wife the former Freddie Alexander. Berlin believed that Bethena was “an enchantingly beautiful piece that is among the greatest of ragtime waltzes” because of the repeated main theme in G major, the contrapuntal passages, and the harmonies.

I was defeated by bethea key signatures and great two-octave leaps of the left hand. Piano Arrangements for Dance Vol. Collections of free-scores-admin 5 Hungarian folk songs. Allowing yourself to imagine being in the composer’s mind is an interesting practice, but trying to figure out a composer’s intentions in every measure or every thought frame is fruitless without actually interviewing him My favorite as well.

Bethena – Wikipedia

So few people comment, and that is a shame. Only now is it considered to be one of his best compositions — music that showed he was both a ragtime composer and a classical composer, which is what he wanted to be. I played the bethema for years, but was never really good, only competent. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Downloading it will also show you what I did to work the tempo adjustments I learned from bethnea else [and I don’t know who, but it was someone here on musescore] to change the tempo and add the tempo speed into the entry bbethena so that if I needed to go back and adjust, I would know what the speed was at that point.

Then double-click it to put it in edit mode.


But realize that the top note is scoth eighth-note first-voice and the bottom note is a dotted quarter note second-voice. Other critics have praised the piece, with the author of jopliin survey of American music noting that the rhythms of the waltz and ragtime combined to produce an “ingenious and delightful example of such a stylistic accommodation”, showing that the composer was an “adventurous classicist par excellence” because he was able to combine tradition and innovation in a consistently inventive way.

Let me know if you have any trouble finding the line palette. You are correct about the two different note values. Regarding your questions, I’m no expert but Soctt may be able to help. Ragtime, though technically difficult, was never taken seriously by critics.

Bethena (Joplin, Scott)

Sadly, they never played the whole piece in the movie. May I ask what you thought of the various pauses and “subtleties” I incorporated in “Bethena”? Your download has started. This is my first and may end up being my only effort at entering a composer’s work here. It makes me want to write my own rag-waltz. The palette box is on the left side of the my screen. You can put in your score by selecting a horizontal line from the bottom of the Lines Palette and dragging it to near where you want in your score.

Joplin was 49 when he died. Joplin’s belongings, including the score for the opera, were confiscated for non-payment of his boarding-house bills. I haven’t looked, but I’m going to, after finishing this note.