Frank Richards has books on Goodreads with ratings. Frank Richards’s most popular book is Billy Bunter of Greyfriars School. Billy Bunter of Greyfriars School [Frank Richards] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Author Frank Richards’s complete list of books and series in order, with the latest The Billy Bunter stories were serialised in The Magnet from until the.

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Chesterton ; or Percy Griffith, the original editor of The Magnet.

Bunter’s ventriloquism skills would be used as a means of creating conflict between other characters. Steve answers – The man your chap met was Alexander Mitchell who lived in Brisbane for many years. Predictable, formulaic and repetitive, my heart still beats faster when, on those rare occasions, I find another to add to my collection. I find the treatment of Miss Bullivant in the Skip series quite moving. Arguably, it is FR’s least favourite human characteristic. Somewhere I did have a figure for the total number, but I can’t remember where it is.

Billy Bunter by Frank Richards | Featured Books : Stella & Rose’s Books

From The Magnet “Bounder and Captain! He was a reader of the comic itself in his ricyards who by chance came across a few Hamilton facsimile editions in a local library a couple of years ago.

In a conversation bilyl his study mate Peter Todd, Bunter’s view of the two candidates offers an insight into his priorities in life:. Minnitt continued producing the strip until his death in Best wishes, Jake Nelson.


Frank Richards

From reading the author’s stories it is clear that the school would, if real, be based somewhere in KentEngland. I collect the Magnet volumes detailing the exploits of Billy Bunter, with a particular preference for the Howard Baker volumes, and a mild aversion to the substitute writers collections, although I admire and respect the integrity of Howard Baker in keeping these apart from Charles Hamilton’s’ writing.

Another expertly written story from Charles Hamilton which compares more than favourably with the above Highcliffe duo. In my view the richardw to FR’s philosophy, in almost every area, is his hatred of bullying – and, especially, cruelty to animals.

Don’t have ricards account yet Close Login. His Magnet Companion which I do have also indicates where stories were reprinted, so that’s also a good guide. Billy Bunter appeared in 1, of the 1, issues of The Magnet published during the year period from to By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

I was also a bit on the chubby side, but never felt any anger towards the portrayal of Bunter. Soon the Famous Five vanished from the strip, replaced by Jones minor, who had all the good bllly Bunter lacked, but who was prone to being led astray by Bunter. He was a bit of a weasel; told outright lies about his forthcoming postal order, stole food, lied and cheated. From comes a 2-part story involving Vernon-Smith and Mr Quelch which switches back and forth from riotous fun to drama.


Memorial reprint of the autobiography Howard Baker Magnet facs The final of the regular Magnet reprints.

Billy Bunter – Wikipedia

Bunter would frequently be under a table, or behind an armchair — often hiding from some outraged fellow whose food he had purloined — there to overhear some secret or piece of gossip. Charles Hamilton is most remembered for his school stories, the most famous of which were those centred on Greyfriars School, a fictitious private school in Kent. I personally enjoy all three ways of reading these stories, and like you, I feel one of the endearing strengths of them is that the characters ARE always from the same snapshot in time.

Billy Bunter’s Beanfeast, He was ahead of his time, being one of the very few early 20th century writers to have championed non-Anglo Saxon characters in his stories as well as giving snobs and the uppers classes short shift.

Books by Frank Richards

He is the despair of his Form master, Mr Quelch. To me, their age didn’t show.

He is the living embodiment of several of the seven deadly sins: Three Billie Turf movies were made between andmostly spelling the name of the main character as “Billy Turf”. I’d never seen a mountain! Lord Billy Bunter,