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[edit] Version history of the BMEcat specification. Version · Version – current version. Retrieved from. ETIM International releases BMEcat guideline ETIM based product data according to BMEcat® version , which is now available in the. InstallData supports imports and export in the BMEcat format. BMEcat is a German standard for distributing catalogue information. Technically it is a.

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For further information please refer to Website Inter alia, the following information is provided bkecat German and English on the website Download of the ation in different formats Download of the ation in form of XML DTD and XML Schema Download of example catalogs Error messages and change messages as well as known errors respectively their corrections can be accessed via the website.

In particular, this applies to e-procurement systems, sell-side shop systems, electronic market places, service providers taking care of content supply and content maintenance as well as product data and catalog management systems. Typically availability request are initiated by end-users, who require the current availability for a selected product or for the entire contents of a shopping cart.

The supplier replies to the request synchronously, so that the price information can be presented to the user in the calling system.

Data exchange with the IPP application product request, price request, and availability request Price request The IPP application price request is used for requesting the current and often individual price for the respective buyer for one or several products from the supplier.


For data suppliers who manage their product information on nmecat level, the choice of a data exchange format is often the BMEcat Please use the country specific UDX.

Trade items which are not bmecst the file will be deleted.

FEE – InstallData

User Guide for Smart Former Gold v. The data exchange is shown in Figure IPP Brand, serie and type Many wholesalers use the structure of brand, serie, type as a filtering method, for example on nmecat webshop. The BMEcat example valuations contain separate bmecag for both patterns. We create as much clarity as possible but there may be differences, bjecat we mention in the mapping.

Soort cookies Wij gebruiken cookies om het gebruik van onze site faciliteren, het inloggen te onthouden en t. The related trade item information contains all data indicating how to order the item such as gross price, order unit, minimum purchase amount and delivery time. All rights More information. Technically it is a very comprehensive and extensible XML format.

UN ; Unknown currently, the data supplier is not able to specifiy bmfcat value; but bmecar it is possible. Product requests can be initiated by end-users or they can run automatically in the background. For the reply to the price request, the supplier can use pricing rules that are stored in his ERP system. If the short description contains more characters the description will be cut to length of 70 characters. Older versions of this document can be found in the Version history of BMEcat specification.


Personnel Open Integration B2B: The Function in the System 4. The information contained in this document More information.

According to the ETIM 4. Some internal fields may differ from the bmmecat or type as described in the guideline of the exchange formats. Als de browser instellingen niet veranderd, dan maak je gebruik van de cookies.

Symbols in the BMEcat ation 2. If the long description contains more characters, the description will be cut to specified length of 1.

Version history of BMEcat 2005 specification

The IPP definition covers the following information: Also the transfer of availability information including price information in catalogs can be completely omitted phase 1when this information is provided via synchronous communication phase 2 in a dynamic way Request for quotation The IPP application request for quotation RFQ is used for transferring a RFQ specified in the calling system to the remote system; thus an offer generation process should be started in the remote system.

Therefore, in the following the term ‘product’ respectively ‘product catalog’ will be expanded to all kinds of commercial goods as far as they are suitable for being represented in a catalog.

The availability request is created by an e-procurement respectively market place administered by the buyer, and is sent to the supplier. The mapping of packing codes versus 2BA is available here.