I found this article which is very useful for you. Automate delivery of Crystal Reports With a Windows Service[^] Here some suggestions. formatType. The format type to export the report. FormatType could be PDF, Excel etc. This parameter is explained in detail below. ExportToDisk. ExportToDisk is the simplest of export command. It takes 2 parameters. Export format type and File Name.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. I have search lot;s of, but not found any solution.

HttpResponse responseexporttkdisk asAttachmentattachmentName. This function has four parameters. Validar si existe el directorio donde se guardaran if Directory. This has caused a significant increase in the total time as there are about such reports.

SetParameterValue “statuscd”, m ; rpt. ExportOptions optionsSystem. Do you need your password? Add directory ; mailItem.

Post as a guest Name. ExportToDisk takes too long. Have you looked at the CrystalReportViewer control? InsertFileAttachment filename ; attachment. Exports a report to a format and destination specified within the ExportOptions. Add ” Company”, SqlDbType. You can add this control to the form by dragging it from the toolbox. ReferenceNumber, 1 ; attachment. Crystal Report supports export of Reports in many formats. Provide an answer or move on to the next question.


Crystal Report is Slow in loading Data. Sign up using Email and Password. Member Jun This parameter is explained later in the tutorial. SetDataSource ds ; cryRpt. Please enable JavaScript to view this page properly.

Crystal Reports: ToDisk() takes too long.. – CodeProject

Add your solution here. Export ex ; MessageBox. Hi all experts, I am currently working on a project of converting a VB6 utility to.

SetParameterValue “adno”, adNo ; crystalReport. Table shows the enumerations used with the ExportToDisk method. DefaultIfEmpty join qi in from r in this.

How to Export Crystal Report to PDF in C# and

Mycroft Holmes Jun Join our Google Plus Community and be a part repoort a discussion! Show “Incorrect Logon Parameters. Crystal Reports in Asp. I agree to the Privacy Policy.

Learn how your comment data is processed.

The blowout does not surprise exporthodisk as CR has had another 15 years of garbage development loaded into it and excel is somewhat more complex than in VB6 days so the export would be more convoluted.


The clicking of the button control on the web page, will call the function CreatePDFwhich accepts three parameters. Fill ds ; objCon.

Subscribe now, and get all the latest articles and tips, right in your inbox. Add pf ; form. This is the file which will be converted into PDF. These all reside under the namespace CrystalDecisions. Enter your email id.

C# (CSharp) Method ReportDocument.ExportToDisk Code Examples

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