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Network Infrastructure for EtherNet/IP: Introduction and. Document Reference Number: ENET-TDA-EN-P http://literature. pdf . Availability: Whenever possible, most network designs are built .

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This will bring the failed switch back on-line. This is essential to allow for linear or ring topologies of embedded switch devices.

In the test topology, failing port 1 of the supervisor forces all traffic into and out of the ring to failover to port 2. A block on either of these ports is acceptable. This test verifies connectivity from outside the DLR topology to inside at a topology change.

This topology is also implemented at the device level. Flex Links Redundant star Use the mixed topology when connecting to a network using Flex Links protocol.

In the MSTP topology, one of the gigabit Ethernet ports was the root port and the other was the alternate. Guidelines for Connecting Device-level and Switch Topologies.

These BPDUs will cause any other switches connected to the embedded switch network to fail into the err-disable state. EtherChannel Redundant star Use the mixed ts001 when connecting to a network using EtherChannel protocol.


Embedded Switch Technology Reference Architectures Reference

Any timeouts or faults on the controllers are counted as a timeouts in the test results. The tests record the following timeouts: During normal operation all local ring traffic is flowing through this port. The ring has two supervisors configured. To avoid this, configure a secondary supervisor in the ring.

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Table of Contents Preface Switch Topology. This test verifies the detection of a failed supervisor. Again, when the switch leaves the err-disable state it will send a few BPDUs to ensure a loop free topology. The backup supervisor must detect that the supervisor is no longer present and block port 2. An interface in the err-disable state will attempt to clear the error condition every 30 seconds. In these cases, a bridge loop is created t001 causes a network failure.

No additional switches are required. Switch Redundant Star Timeout. Industrial Automation Wiring and Grounding Guidelines, publication Attentions help you identify a hazard, avoid a hazard, and recognize the consequence. The packet loss does not occur between devices on a device-level topology.

Documentation Feedback Your comments will help us serve your documentation needs better. Installation Assistance If you experience a problem within the first 24 hours enrt installation, review the information that is contained in this manual. United States Contact your distributor.


This topology can also provide a false sense of security in that it does not filter CIP traffic between the IES switch topology and the device-level topology.

Linear topologies can be connected directly dn the switch. In the case of DLR, the supervisor with the highest precedence value will become the active supervisor on the network. If two ports configured ab-multiport-device are connected together a bridge loop will be formed.

The device-level topology limits the scope of the issue to communication through the switch and peer-to-peer ener. If the supervisor detects a fault in the network it unblocks port two until the fault is corrected.

Rockwell Otomasyon Ticaret A.

Embedded Switch Technology Reference Architectures Reference

The test initially forces IES-4 to be the alternate. Because of the many variables and requirements associated with any particular installation, Rockwell Automation, Inc.

However, if your product is not functioning and needs to be returned, follow these procedures. F6 1 Front Front 2 Rear These are the primary advantages of a linear network: