Doença por arranhadura do gato (DAG), também conhecida como febre da arranhadura do gato ou doença de Teeny é uma zoonose comum, geralmente. tos de escolha para o tratamento de influenza (Quadro 1). Quadro 1 O tratamento com o antiviral, de maneira precoce, pode reduzir a duração dos sinto -. 25 fev. Detalhando o caso O médico de plantão solicita: um hemograma e leucograma e verifica leucocitose. Ele, então, questiona sobre uma.

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Prevalence of coronary artery abnormalities in Kawasaki disease is highly dependent on gamma globulin dose but independent of salicylate dose.

Treatment of intravenous immunoglobulin-resistant Kawasaki disease treated with methotrexate. Ecsarlatina of pediatric rheumatology. Os aneurismas gigantes e persistentes evoluem mais frequentemente com estenose. Long term consequences of regressed coronary aneurysms after Kawasaki disease: The riddle of Kawasaki disease.

High-dose intravenous immunoglobulin downregulates the activated levels of inflammatory indices except erythrocyte sedimentation rate in acute stage of Kawasaki disease.

J Paediatr Child Health. Tex Heart Inst J. Polymorphisms in chemokine receptor genes and susceptibility to Kawasaki disease. Early diagnosis of Kawasaki disease in patients with cervical linphadenopathy. Pregnancy and delivery in patients with coronary artery lesions caused by Kawasaki disease. Evidence for superantigen involvement in cardiovascular injury due to Kawasaki syndrome.


Evaluation of the efficacy of treatment of Kawasaki disease before day 5 of illness. Recurrent toxin-mediated perineal erythema: Cytoplasmic inclusion bodies are detected by synthetic antibody in ciliated bronchial epithelium during acute Kawasaki Disease.

Myocardial infarction in pregnancy. Long-term consequences of Kawasaki disease: Int Heart J ; TNF-alpha is necessary for induction of coronary artery inflammation and aneurysm formation in an animal model of Kawasaki disease.

How to cite this article. Cyclooxygenase inhibitors and the antiplatelet effects of aspirin. N Engl J Med. Does abciximab enhance regression of coronary aneurysms resulting from Kawasaki disease? Curr Opin in Pediatr.

DOENCAS EXANTEMATICAS by Renata Achar on Prezi

Sequelae of Kawasaki disease in adolescents and young adults. Early intravenous gamma-globulin treatment for Kawasaki disease: Plasma exchange for refractory Kawasaki disease. Proft T, Fraser JD. Gamma-globulin- induced modulation with necrotic-like morphology of peripheral blood neutrophils.

Doença por arranhadura do gato

J Clin Lab Anal. J Am Coll Cardiol. Services on Demand Journal. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise tratamenho, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Terai M, Shulman ST.


Pustulo-vesicular skin eruption in a child with probable Kawasaki disease. Quantification of myocardial blood flow and flow reserve in children with a history of Kawasaki disease and normal coronary arteries using positron emission tomography.

Prevalence of superantigensecreting bacteria in patients with Kawasaki Disease.

S Proteins in the Pathogenesis of Kawasaki Disease. Association between a novel human coronavirus and Kawasaki Disease. Pathogenesis and treatment of Kawasaki’s disease.

Oligoclonal IgA response in the vascular wall in acute Kawasaki disease. Chung CJ, Stein L. J Gen Intern Med.

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Severe eczematous skin reaction after high-dose intravenous immunoglobulin infusion. Nenhum Como citar este artigo: Initial intravenous gammaglobulin treatment failure in Kawasaki disease. Pediatric Infect Dis J ; Immunoglobulin failure and retreatment in Kawasaki tratameto.

Infliximab treatment for refractory Kawasaki disease with coronary artery aneurysm. Curr Opin Infect Dis.