Miles Davis’ Solo On. Freddie Freeloader. Concert Pitch. Bb7. • bod. • -. bo bob •. Eb7. Bb7. Bb7. I cos. – bo be ;. F7. Eb7. Aby. 9 bo boogo o bo.. 2. “Freddie Freeloader,” with Wynton Kelly on piano, is different. It’s “swinging .. Transcription of Miles Davis’ “Freddie Freeloader” trumpet solo by Jamie Breiwick . Print and download in PDF or MIDI Freddie Freeloader Piano Solo. The first piano solo on the track.

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Instrumental Solo Original Published Key: Jazz Hard Bop Post-Bop. The produces a loong-short-loong-short feel.

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Freddie Freeloader Piano solo with notation/TAB : Jazz

The Arrangement Details Tab gives you detailed information about this particular arrangement of Freddie Freeloader – not necessarily the song. Heated discussion and debate is expected and encouraged, but personal attacks will not be tolerated. ImagesPrestige P; CD: Zoning, by Mary Lou Williams, 17 January Freeloadsr 13 and 14 are:.

Two copies are included: Your high-resolution PDF file will be ready to download in the original published key. In order to write a review on digital sheet music you must first have purchased the item. Syl-o-gism not included on the record was first released on the CD. In my experience, transcribing is always only an approximation to the original recording. In Relaxin’ eighth notes are played as swing eighths where, instead of each being half a beat, the eighth played on the beat is held longer and the eighth feeloader in the middle of the beat is shorter the on-the-beat eighth can be thought of as lasting two-thirds of the beat and the off-the-beat eighth lasting the last one-third of the beat.


Jazz Listening Club

Log in or sign up in freeeloader. Add to wish list. Album cover are ok, however get the conversation started! At the March 2 sessions, the master machine was running slow, so that when the tapes were played back at the correct speed, the music was slightly faster — sharper — than the April 6 session.

All Blues Miles Davis. Measures 33 and 34 are:. Miles Davis – Kind of Blue. Avoid generic titles “Best ever!

Piano Transcriptions by Dave Ratcliffe

This progression is imbued with Monk’s unique sense of bass and chord movement. Don’t put your whole collection, that’s useless to the discussion. Subscribe to our Newsletter Stay Connected. Posts that don’t follow them will be removed. Jazz Listening Club currently: A midi frevdie is included to demonstrate a piano arrangement I made of the original duet of Oliver Nelon and Eric Dolphy.

In this interpretation of Prelude 4, John Lewis plays the score up through measure 34 and then goes off into his Two Clubs variation the guy loved Bridge, thus these recordings are titled, The Bridge Game.


No memes, advice animals, or rage comics.

Jazz – Note-for-Note Keyboard Transcriptions. It would be great to try and learn something that would be helpful to somebody freelozder.

The chord-less copy is for students to analyze for their own study.

Alone in San FranciscoCD: In this interpretation of Prelude 5, John Lewis plays the score up through measure 26 and then goes off into his One Spade variation. In making these transcriptions available frseloader the net, I am engaged in a process of sending a message to the future.

According to Teo Macero, the speed change was not intentional, and it is corrected here for the first time, using the safety tapes.

Wynton Kelly on Freddie Freeloader

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Her left-hand chord patterns taught me a great deal about substitution and comping that has significantly influenced and extended my own style.