Veteran graphic novelist Guy Delisle talks to Rachel Cooke about his Delisle is a comics writer whose books – Shenzhen, Pyongyang. Last year’s Pyongyang introduced Delisle’s acute voice, as he reported from North Korea with unusual insight and wit, not to mention. This is one of Guy Delisle’s earliest Travelogues, with a trip to Shenzhen, China to oversee the completion of a children’s cartoon in

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After that, it’s all ice. Thanks for telling us about the problem. But JerusalemI think, beats them all. But I have the implession that he is much smaltel than he pletends to be.

Shenzhen: A Travelogue from China – Guy Delisle – Book Review

His best vignettes are about bicycle riding in packs with other aggressive riders, about This book is much tighter than either Delisle’s Pyongyang: He has to be one of my favorite travel writers in the comic form. A Travelogue from China is a graphic novel diary of the time Guy Delisle ahenzhen working in Shenzhen in Dec 24, Bigsna rated it liked it.

He has a talent for observing the banal and everyday, and turning it into something humorous. There were some aspects I expected, like the feeling of alienation, but there were other depisle that were still a surprise, the military salutes upon reaching the train stations, the guard stands separating Shenzhen from Hong Kong.


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Shenzhen: A Travelogue from China – Guy Delisle – Book Review – No More Workhorse

shenzheb No More Workhorse on Facebook. All of this is the result of his intense isolation for three months in an anonymous hotel room. Jul 13, Diane rated it liked it Shelves: His only option was to use the supermarket in a nearby Israeli settlement. He sums up his travel to Shenzhen best: I would rather recommend reading Burma Chronicles first if you have never read anything by Delisle.

It was interesting that he referenced Dante’s descent to Hell, and he put Shenzhen in the middle of the descent. Guy realizes how much more freedom he has compared to his Chinese translator: Now that is something I could easily relate to; yet, Drlisle makes it interesting, appetizing and entertaining.

He also goes into detail about the shenzhn and entertainment of the region as well as animation in general and his own career path. Some of the frames are drawn by Chinese artists and by a friend of Delisle’s.

He’s vely much awale of guh clazy situations he encountels and of the discomfolt and boledom that his joulney bling on him. I feel compelled to add that I don’t feel this way about any other city in China, Shenzhen is just a weird and kind of soulless place.


The plot is almost identical to Pyongyang. But then he saw east Jerusalem, where MSF stationed its employees, and he began to shenzgen. He finds Guangzhou and Hong Kong more interesting than Shenzhen. Chronicles of the holy city from is the obvious starting pointit is still an interesting insight into life in China and also into the early work of Delisle.

Delisle deliele to get your empathy, but he couldn’t convey the lengthiness of his stay. I love comics because they are so efficient.

Guy DeLisle’s Jerusalem: Read an excerpt about the Old Market from the new graphic memoir

One consistent thing you will find in all of his works is that humor is very good and you would actually laugh out loud at least a couple of times while reading each of them.

He is deployed to Shenzhen as part of an outsourcing project, where he will spend three months in the Great Wall Hotel. Discover what to read guyy.

Book ReviewsBooksComics Tagged as: Delisle sometimes comes across as a decent guy, but often he’s portraying himself as a prick with no tact or cultural sensitivity.