The Danish applicant was convicted for aiding and abetting the dissemination Jersild v Denmark (App no /89) ECHR 23 September (PDF, KB) . References: Times Oct, () 19 EHRR 1, [] ECHR 33, /89, Links: Bailii, Bailii Ratio: A journalist was wrongly convicted. JERSILD v. DENMARK. AS TO THE ADMISSIBILITY OF. Application No. / 89 by Jens Olaf JERSILD against Denmark. The European Commission of.

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Jersild v Denmark, ECHR (1994)

Henrik is one of the strongest supporters of the Klan, and he hates the foreign workers, Perkere’ [a very derogatory word in Danish for immigrant workers]. Larsen was the benefactor of a wealthy man from Sandefjord who paid his schooling, first at Skiringssallater at Grundtvigs folk school in Lyngby, Denmark. Subsequently the applicant contacted representatives of the group, inviting three of them together with Mr Per Axholt, a mersild worker employed at the local youth centre, to take part in a television interview.

He had been rated as a first class employee by his Asian supervisor. In this context the Court recalls that Article 10 art.

Jersild v Denmark – Wikipedia

That being so, it was absolutely necessary to add at least a clear statement of disapproval. We believe Denmark is for the Danes. Lists of writers Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Application of Article 50 art. It is not for this Court, nor for the national courts for that matter, to substitute their own views for those of the press as to what technique of reporting should be adopted by journalists. The interview had lasted several hours, during which beer, partly paid for by Danmarks Radio, was consumed.

The full text of the Commission’s opinion and of the two dissenting opinions contained in the report is reproduced as an annex to this judgment [2]. Bokklubben World Library Norwegian: Makarczyk and Mr D. The majority of the Court sees such disapproval in the context of the interview, but this is an interpretation of cryptic remarks. Member feedback about Eric Ericson: What is their mentality like? Litteris et Artibus recipients Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.


Writers who committed suicide Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. History of Sino-Russian relations topic Prior to the s China and Russia were on opposite ends of Siberia, which was populated by independent nomads. In the Jersild case the statements made and willingly reproduced in the relevant broadcast on Danish television, without any significant reaction on the part of the jersile, did indeed amount to incitement to contempt not only of foreigners in general but more particularly of black people, described as belonging to an inferior, subhuman race “the niggers In earlier decisions the Court has – in our view, rightly – underlined the great importance of the freedom of the press and the media in general for a democratic society, but it has never had to consider a situation in which “the reputation or rights of others” Article 10 para.

The Court observes that the applicant still works with the Sunday News Magazine at Danmarks Radio and that his employer has supported him throughout the proceedings, inter alia by paying the fine see paragraphs 9 and 40 above and legal fees see paragraph 44 below.

But the majority attributes much more weight to the freedom of the journalist than to the protection of those who have to suffer from racist hatred. She grew up in New York City[1] and Oslo. Acquitting the applicant and Mr Jensen could only be justified by reasons jersikd outweighing the wrongfulness of their actions.

A Is that v.dehmark you hear stories about people from out here fighting with knives etc. During the interview, which was conducted by the applicant, the three Greenjackets made abusive and derogatory remarks about immigrants and ethnic groups in Denmark. He was awarded v.venmark Gyldendal’s Endowment in The national courts laid considerable emphasis on the fact that the applicant had himself taken ejrsild initiative of preparing the Greenjackets feature and that he not only knew in advance that racist statements were likely to be made during the interview but also had encouraged such statements.


Lopes Rocha, Mr G. I don’t know where it is, you give directions right. The Commission offered no comments.

Waaben as an ad hoc judge; in a letter of 16 November the Agent informed the Registrar that Mr Waaben had withdrawn and that they had therefore appointed Mr A. That Convention manifestly cannot be ignored when the European Convention is being implemented.

Without his involvement, the remarks would not have been disseminated to a wide circle of people and would thus not have been punishable see paragraphs 14 and 18 above. Hans Engell born 8 October is a Copenhagen born Danish former politician and journalist, who until 6 September was the editor-in-chief of the tabloid Ekstra Bladet, a position he had held for seven years. This form of music is sometimes called contemporary folk music or folk revival music to distinguish it from earlier folk forms.

In addition the applicant alleged that had the Media Liability Act been in force at the relevant time he would not have faced prosecution since under the Act it is in principle only the author of a punishable statement who may be liable. A But is the threat of imprisonment something that really deters people from doing something illegal?

That being so, it was absolutely necessary to add at least a clear statement of disapproval.

This Article shall not prevent States from requiring the licensing of broadcasting, television jfrsild cinema enterprises. In considering the “duties and responsibilities” jersils a journalist, the potential impact of the medium concerned is an important factor and it is commonly acknowledged that the audiovisual media have often a much more immediate and powerful effect than the print media see Purcell and Others v.

It should finally not be forgotten that, taken as a whole, the filmed portrait surely conveyed the meaning that the racist statements were part of a generally anti-social attitude of the Greenjackets.