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The fish returned too.

That same afternoon and night they made another dyke, with immense trunks. But the old alligator shook the little alligator nearest him by the tail. Scared, the alligators submerged themselves in the river, leaving only their eyes and the tips of their snouts visible.

La Guerra de Los Yacares : Horacio Quiroga :

I have spent a considerable amount of time since the late eighties living and working in a wide range of communities in many different parts of the world. The shrapnel exploded in contact with the trunks, tore them to pieces, and reduced to splinters the enormous beams.

All of them heard it, but none rose or opened their eyes even. But they became frightened again at once because the grey smoke changed of a sudden into black smoke and all felt very strongly now the beating of the water.

Scarcely an hour had elapsed since they had positioned the last trunk of the dyke when the warship appeared again, and the boat with the officer and eight sailors drew near.


The men on the boat spoke among themselves for a moment and then cried: From there they saw dead and wounded men and some still living carried by the current through the opening left by the cannon.

The second exploded at the side of the first and another section of dyke flew through the air. Now, that vessel the colour of a mouse was a warship, a battleship with terrible cannons.

With that, the young alligators quietened down. The steamer passed, moved on and disappeared.

La Guerra de Los Yacares

But the steamer returned the next day, and when the alligators looked at the vessel they were speechless with surprise; it was not the same steamer. The wise alligator that had once gone to the sea realised all of a sudden and scarcely had time to cry quiroya to the other alligators: The alligators attached themselves one to the other, from the horaco of one to the neck of the other, from the tail of that one to horacjo neck of the next in line, thus forming a long chain of alligators more than a block long.

In effect, the steamer was still far off when it stopped. It exploded and 15, pieces went flying in the air, at a vast distance, chimneys, engines, motorboats, everything.

Then they arranged the journey. They then returned to their place. The alligators lived, and still live, very happily, because they have become accustomed to the sight of passing steamers and ships laden with oranges. In the same instant the battleship launched its second cannon, which exploded among the trunks, quirooga another section of the dyke exploded into splinters.


He cocked horadio ear and actually heard far off, very far off, a dull, deep sound.

The wise alligator then said: They surfaced, dived, jumped over the stones, always running and dragging the torpedo, which created waves like a ship owing to the speed of the passage. But the alligators laughed, because they believed the old one had gone crazy. The alligators gave a triumphant cry and ran like creatures possessed to the dyke. Not one of you will remain alive, neither big ones, small ones, fat ones, skinny ones, young ones, nor old ones, like this old alligator that I see here, which has only two teeth in the sides of its snout.

He witnessed a battle between two warships and brought an yacaress torpedo here. And they were sad because the small alligators complained of hunger.

In recent years I self-published a trilogy of novels dealing, principally, with the themes of healing and reconciliation. What new steamer was that? He was crazy enough, the poor old alligator!

At once, the remaining alligators submerged themselves in turn near the riverbank, leaving only their noses and eyes open to view. You are commenting using your Facebook account.