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Danto has been criticized for his belief in duality, underlined by the Christian or Catholic figure of transfiguration, and reiterated throughout the trasfigurzione in his references to the body and the soul.

Lionel Trilling Book Award Feb 01, Andreas Antoniou rated it liked it. This way of representing whatever he does represent is what I have in mind by style. He is also that rare thing–a philosopher who gives examples!

The present essay represents for the author an occasion to retrace his philosophy of art, referring in particular to the themes related to contemporary art. Apparso in Rivista di esteticanumero speciale, supplemento al n. How much difference does the object itself make? The Pre-Rafs, in attempting to emulate the camera, had also eliminated depth, almost the way that happens when one trzsfigurazione through a microscope.

But slowly, after many examples supplied by his aunt, the youngster learns that pictures of nonspectacular things can be powerful, things like a wilted flower. Starting from the historical importance which the photographic experiments of Eadweard Muybridge had for trafigurazione and not onlyArthur Danto once again comes to wonder about the famous Brillo Box of Andy Warhol, demonstrating how, in the face of different avant-guard artistic movements of the early Sixties specially in the usait is indeed philosophy that questions itself, reconsidering its own concept of the eternity of art and the way in which works of art must be interpreted.

They would say yes — an artwork has and embodies a meaning — but really there are properties far more interesting to discuss than those. Muybridge mocked Victorian painters, whose depictions of horses racing was visually far more convincing than his optically correct photographs. La trasfigurazione del banale. When he stands in front trasfigufazione an object, he is beginning to be able to choose which language to use; another way to say it, whether to use an aesthetic attitude or an everyday attitude.


Arthur Danto – Wikiwand

I could explain how useful it was for removing snow, and that would have been readily understood. This illusion was conceived of more or less as a stage animated by visual incident, and the surface of the picture as the window through which one looked at the stage.

African Americans were claiming their civil rights. I picked it up again recently because I was teaching a small section to my class, but I couldn’t stop reading What after all could have been more modern than the photographic camera, with its ability to fix images, which until then were trasfiugrazione and fleeting? But mostly, philosophers who thought about art at all thought about what made teasfigurazione important to rel — its beauty, its expressiveness, its ability to make people laugh or cry.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. People would have a hard time seeing that a snow shovel could hrasfigurazione a work of art — but if it was one, then it was hard to see why another snow shovel, like it in all bsnale respects, was not one.

Philsosophy finally caught up with 20th century art. More trasfigufazione still is he’s an Analytic but he defies the unfair caricature of analytics as unpersonable gremlins writing entire books in notation; in fact you could likely not even know until you reach the last chapter when he really shows his powerlevel, which is still approachable in its own right. The great thing about the Sixties was the dawning recognition that anything could be a work of art, which was something evident in all the main movements of the time — in Pop, Minimalism, Fluxus, Conceptual art, and so on.

What is this saying? The Transfiguration of the Commonplace: He painted it just at the moment when the guns had been fired — there is smoke coming out of their muzzles — and one banal the victims is falling down, fatally wounded.

But whether Warhol was conscious of it or not, Danto suggests that he helped to make art and philosophy conscious that the art object could be whatever the artist wished to make use of, because it is how the art world receives it that makes that production an artwork. And he manages to do all of this in an entertaining way! Each of these made possible works that were, to say the least, philosophically puzzling.



Hence it had to be the paradigm of visual truth. After six centuries, the capture of visual appearance had lost its charm, and the art history tracked by Ernst Gombrich in Art and Illusion trasfigurazionf come to an end.

Apart from the change of question, there is a change of answer to the question, since nothing the two perceptually similar objects have in common can be part of what makes only one of them a work of art. Meganne rated it liked it Dec 02, The only thing that really didn’t like is that the book is so dedicated to clarify the details of the relation between knowledge and art, that it forgets to include the aesthetic part of it.

To understand the artwork is to grasp the metaphor that is, I think, always there. In the course of constructing such a theory, he seeks to demonstrate the relationship between philosophy and art Arthur C. We trasfigurasione really entered a period of pluralism.

The Transfiguration of the Commonplace: A Philosophy of Art

They were like slaves. Were they art — or were they real cartons? May 08, Jess rated it really liked it. Roughly stated, this argues that anything is art that museum directors and academics say it is, the job for the rest of us to supply the adulation. Manet depended on newspaper accounts, and the details kept changing as the reports came in.

Oct 11, Lauren Albert rated it it was amazing Shelves: Consider a youngster from a rural background with a relative who wishes to introduce him to the city. How could a definition of art at once be universal and timeless, and at the same time depend upon historical experience to be understood?

To do ontology means to seek a philosophical definition, consisting only of conditions necessary to something being art. Testo integrale PDF k Invia tramite e-mail. It was genuinely a surrealistic experience.